S3C's coatings engineers are fully qualified (NACE, BGAS and/or FROSIO] and experienced to ensure that our client's project deliverables are fully comprehended. Understanding the scope of work and client expectations is paramount in being able to deliver the level of service and value S3C is proud of. Each appointment commences with critical information being collected. We are proficient in performing and reporting the tasks required in accordance with accepted and specified International Standards.

We perform tasks such as:
•  WFT -Wet Film Thickness
•  OFT - Dry Film Thickness
•  Ambient conditions
•  Surface Profile tests
•  Surface contaimination(s]
•  Cure Tests
•  Low Voltage 'Wet Sponge" holiday testing
•  Adhesion Tests
•  High Voltage Holiday Testing
•  ITP Deliverables
•  Coating/Paint documentation Review
•  Compiling of Coating/Paint Reports

Coating and Corrosion Surveys, Coating Selection, Specifications, Inspection Test Plans and other Coating Consulting Services are amongst the many professional services that S3C can provide, not only for your new-build projects, but also for critically important scheduled preventative maintenance servcies. With corrosion leading to loss of functionality and even integrity, the condition of plant and structures needs to be accurately assessed on a regular basis. Our technicians deploy a number ot techniques to measure wall thickness and examine materials for cracking and pitting corrosion. In carrying out assessments, we make a point of comparing findings with predicted degradation for a particular material under the prevailing process conditions. Our reports are presented as a comprehensive review of plant materials that can include recommendation for corrosion monitoring, a corrosion control strategy and remnant life assessment if required.


S3C provides a broad range of coating and corrosion survey services for offshore and onshore facilities, manufacturing and general industrial sites; providing a fully documented report and appropriate coating recommendations to our customers.


Specifications based on technical expertise and practical experience can be prepared for any coating, lining, corrosion protection or remedial coatings project.


Coating inspectors certified by NACE, as well as our supplier-accredited coating inspectors are available countrywide.


S3C is ISO 9000 certified. Our combination of coatings, concrete and corrosion experience combined with QA qualifications ensures that a practical implementation of our quality manual procedures and associated quality elements are used to the benefit of our customers.


S3C has the expertise and facilities to perform investigations on protective coatings, linings, concrete and corrosion related failures.


We can perform site surveys and report on the condition of structural elements, protective coatings, concrete, cathodic protection systems and associated corrosion issues.


The experience we've gained through direct involvement with large coatings projects can be applied to projects of any size. From the preparation of the work scope and tender documents, through to monitoring contract schedule and quality, S3C has the ability to provide hands-on or consultancy support as required.