S3C has been supplying and applying coatings that protect steel, people, buildings and business in the toughest environments for more than 25 years.

With our wide range of specialist vendor-supplied intumescent solutions, we're using our extensive experience and expertise to offer protection against the dangers of fire in industrial plant, major process installations, and civil construction projects.

S3C's engineers will work with you to completely evaluate your fire protection requirements in order to provide suitable intumescent solutions to the challenges of your project.


S3C are also custom applicators of a wide range of vendor-supplied protective coatings and linings to customers' own materials including cable trays and struts, fencing hardware architectural aluminium and steelwork valves pumps - in-house or on-site. Coatings include epoxies, polyethylene, nylon PVC, PTFE (fluorocarbons). intumescent and fire protection coatings, solvent-free high solids, and a complete range of acrylic polyester and PVDF architectural finishes.

S3C produce a complimentary range of products which includes coated and lined pipe systems for conveying raw water, potable water, chemicals, hydrocarbons, corrosive and abrasive fluids and slurries. S3C also manufactures PVC insulating boots for switchgears and transformers, injection moulded end caps and couplings S3C produce Coated Fasteners in the highly successful Corrosion Resistant Clean Release DURABOLT™ CR2, TB200 & TB500 Series. The DURABOLT™ TB range is for higher temperature requirements.

A complete range of PVC-coated explosion-proof electrical conduits and conduit fittings complete the S3C product range. Further details are available on request.