FireDam 2000 is a fire-retardant coating, which in the event of fire(> 230 °C] expands up to ten times its own volume. This expanding coating forms an insulating char, which protects the construction materials located underneath it against fire for a certain period. The thick coating forms a strong, flexible layer on curing.

The FireDam 2000 Coating is used in combination with the FireDam 240 mineral wool board. This mineral wool board is precoated on one side with FireDam 2000 and has a density of 200 kg/m3. Thanks to its high density, the board exhibits optimum heat resistance and mechanical and acoustic properties.

FireDam 2000 is used in combination with the fire barrier sealant IC 15WB+ to seal smaller joints and apertures.


•    Water-based
•    Strong, elastic coating
•    Halogen-free
•    Superb adhesion
•    High level of thermal and acoustic insulation
•    Quick-drying, can be painted over
•    Quick and easy to apply


The system is suitable for cable through penetrations, cable trays, metal pipes and insulated metal pipes (Armaflex 19mm). It cannot be used for plastic pipes, but it can be used in combination with rire barrier collars suitable for plastic pipes. Not suitable for external application.