FS11 is a ware-based intumescent coating for interior applciations specially developed to stop fire from spreading on single, grouped or bundled electrical cables.

FS11 Cable Coating protects electrical cables through insulation. Under fire, FS11 expands up to 1000% to form an insulation layer to protect the cable from heat and flame spread, effectively creating a sacrifial blanket around the cable.

FS11, uponn expanding, also prevents fire from penetrating the electical cable by leeching oxygen. Fire needs oxygen to survive, a lower-oxygen environment means the fire cannot spread as easily further increasing the durability and lifetime of the cable under fire.


•  Recognized as the Lowest DFT on the market
•  Classified for up to 90 minutes Fire Rating
•  Water based
•  Non-Toxic Non-Hazardous
•  Solvent and Asbestos free
•  Lightweight, thin-film application
•  Cost effective for the customer and installer
•  Applications worldwide
•  Single component(stir and spray)
•  Worldwide approvals
•  Interior applications only


FS11 is typically applied on the following
•  New and existing electrical cables
•  HV and LV cables
•  Cable in need of repair

FS11 can also be applied to electrical cables in rooms and areas such as:
•  Substations
•  Cable Galleries
•  Switch Rooms
•  Battery Rooms
•  Cable Basements
•  Transformer Bays / Areas
•  Motor Rooms
•  Marine applications [ship/rigs]