S3C provides a full servie on-site facility for the field applications of High Voltage Insulator Coatings. These services include the following aspects.

•  Complete project management including material supply & application.
•  Application by manufacturer-trained & approved painters at established field-facilities and at sub-stations.
•  Specialized scaffolding & access equipment.
•  Round the clock application to meet the most demanding delivery schedules.
•  Repair of damaged insulators, and over-coating.
•  Inspection of existing coating and service life estimation.

S3C's superior vendor-supplied HVIC systems can be applied:

•  On glass, porcelain and composite insulators where improved surface dielectric properties are needed;
•  On line and station insulators, as well as bushing, instrument transformers and related devices;
•  Increasing the surface resistance of bucket truck booms;
•  Other applications requiring arc resistance such as barrier boards used in switch gear and in large motors.


A correct specified and applied Inuslator coating provides freedom from repetitive water washing for up to 20 years (defending on location) with the following additional benefits:-

No risk of
•  Insulator damage during repeated wash cycles
•  Having to re-wash due to changing weather patterns
•  Increased washing frequency as line ages
•  Flashover
    » during live line washing
    » on insulator missed during cleaning
    » on insulator incorrectly cleaned
    » from washhing contractors using the wrong water quality
    » from sand storms removing the porcelain glaze

The coating can also be:
•  Water washed if required*
•  Inspected to determine coating effectiveness
•  over coated in the future (normally at much less than the original cost) to extend the life by another 10-15 years.

The coating:
•  has no detrimental effect on the insulator or its performance
•  increases the wet flashover voltage capability of the insulator and has been used to effectively increase the creepage distance
•  may also reduce electricity losses through corona effect reduction
•  will minimise surface damage from electrical activity during extreme weather conditions
•  will not be damaged by wind driven sand

All these benefits are normally intagibles and not included in the cost analysis but have a major impoact on the life cycle cost of a transmission line or substation in a coastal, industrial and/or humid area.