XIAMETER® ECE-3650 Sylgard HVIC is a single-component ready-for-use silicone RTV elastomer dispersion, designed for use on high voltage insulators, instrument transformers and other high-voltage devices where surface contamination can cause flashover and arcing, especially in severely contaminated environments.

Special Features:
•  Unparalleled resistance against UV, chemicals and weathering - provides longevity to the coating.
•  Imparts arc resistance and dydorophobicity
•  Exhibits a unique abillity to recover water repellency after contaminants are deposited on its surface.
•  Contains a special arc restance additive that minimizes insulator surface damage from electrical activity during extreme weather events.


•  On glass, porcelain and composite insulators where improved surface dielectric properties are needed.
•  On line and station insulators, as well as bushing, instrument transformer and related devices.
•  Increasing the surface resistance of bucket truck booms.
•  Other applications requiring arc resistance such as barrier boards used in switch gear and in large motors.

•  Imporves the reliability of electricity distribution systems in humid & highly polluted environments.
•  Eliminates the possibility of human errors and the influence of unpredictable weather in live line washing.
•  Avoids power outages required in sub-stations washing.
•  Economical when compared to water washing or greasing.