For 25 years, S3C has been operating in the field of engineering and production of Lined Pipes and Fittings. Light duty to heavy duty standards product and tailor-made products are all easily supplied thanks to our ongoing improement in production technology and material selection.

S3C's spectrum of lined pipes and fittings is one of the broader lines of products available in the lined pipes and fittings market. Small to large diameters, standard shapes as well as special shapes, a wide diversity of lining materials, different construction materials, and more, are all specialities at S3C.

Years of proven success with our pipe-lining equipment has verified our products to be safe, reliable, maintenance free and cost effective.
S3C's lined pipework scope is not only limited to the supply of lined pipe and fittings - we also have a qualified and dedicated installation team for all your on-site erection and installation requirements.
This gives the added value advantage to our clients who will benefit from getting a 100% Quality Tested and Accurate Product with Zero burden onn any oversight, omission or misalignment.


All lined pipes and fittings are manufactured from the highest grade material.
They are tested according to ASTM F 1545 - 97 for:
•  Lining thickness - non-destructive
•  Continuity - 20,000 volt non-destructive spark
•  Pressure - Hydrostatic to 250% maximum recommended working pressure

S3C's pipes and fitting are manufactured undeer ISO 9000 quality systems. The products are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures to match the most exacting requirements and conform to international standards. Special grades of polymers (like-anti-static) and special steel housing can be supplied on request.

S3C's services include selection of liner by evaluation of process parameters, perform site measurement, prepare isometric drawings, manufacture and install the pipe work as per the approved drawing.

S3C's lined pipework has been supplied and installed in major refineries, petrochemical and power plants within Saudi Arabia. They were chosen for their exceptional chemical resistance to most aggressive acids and alkalis, low permeability, easy maintenance, non-stick properties and because S3C's systems result in long term reliability.