S3C'S lined pipework scope is not only limited to the supply of lined pipe and fittings -we also have a qualified and dedicated installation team for all your on-site erection and installation requirements.

• Client complete a mandatory questionnaire, to gather the following information:
     a) Name of the Plant and responsible contact persons.
     b) Area of application, flange/dimensional ranges.
     c) What media is going to be used in the line?
     d) Existing condition and liners recommended by end users.
     e) Temperature range (max.operating temperature, design temperature).
     f) Pressure (max.operating, design pressure).
     g) Vaccum conditions
     h) Which material of construction and protection is currently in place?
     i) How long is the line operational? - How many leaks? - What kind of leaks occur?

• With the above information in hand our Piping Supervisor approaches the responsible personnel for the Plant/Site Measurement.

• Site measurements together with the rough sketch and Bill of quantities (BQQ) are then shared with the S3C in-house CAD designer.

• S3C's Piping Supervisor will recommend the actual BOQ including the coated fasteners that will be required during the site installation.

• As per the recommended BOQ our Sales Facilitator submits proposal to the client.

• Upon Client's finalization/confirmed order then our isometric drawing are submitted for approval.

• Once the client approves our drawing we start fabricating/manufacturing the proposed lined pipe work.

• Clients are notified in advance by our Production Section to witness the inspection of Hydro & Spark Tests.

• Once the items are tested, they are marked with details of the sales order, liners used and item description for easy cross-reference to the delivery documentation /isometric drawing content.

• Pipe spool and fitting flared-ends are then protected with smooth faced plastic or wooden blanks bolted or tied firmly in place to avoid any damage to the flares during transport and handling.

• Finally the goods are wrapped I palletized as per client's agreed freight mode and dispatched to site.

• All items are verified upon delivery; and then all the agreed test certificates like Material Certificates, Conformity Certificates, Hydro/Spark Test Certificate and Isometric Drawings are handed over to the client.

• S3C will schedule the installation programme according to the availability of the client's shutdown/maintenance team.

• After succesful installation the client wil sign-off the site for the commencement of production

• S3C provides a two (2] year warranty on the integrity of the lining and workmanship.