Heavy industry faces many adverse environmental conditions, mostly in the form of chemical attack and corrosive conditions, that can result in challenges to your plant's reliability, safety and operational profits. S3C s superior high-solids coatings provide protection against most mild-to-severe corrosion, abrasion and chemical attacks - to aluminium, steel and galvanised substrates.

S3C s high-solids high-build epoxy coatings systems are designed to protect all types of industrial equipment and concrete structures from sea water, diesel oil, splashes from petrol, jet fuel, lubricating oil, and related products. S3c s teams of skilled applicators work under the supervision of our trained and qualified coatings engineers, and we provide NACE/FROSIOcertified technical support on-site to ensure that projects are done to specification. Our application capabilities are further enhanced by the use of approved equipment and procedures - from the major multi-national coatings manufacturers and application/preparation equipment manufacturers. S3C s high-build coatings systems:

•  provide long-term asset protection

•  reduce plant downtime and maintenance requirements

•  reduce safety and environment hazards

•  extend plant and equipment life


We work with you to understand your requirements and specifications, in order to ensure the correct surface preparation and application procedures, and the selection of the correct coatings products.

S3C is an approved supplier and applicator of many top coatings products that conform to industry performance and quality standards, and we are therefore able to ensure that the rights products are recommended or specified for the application.

All surface preparation and coatings application work is undertaken by S3C's trained and factory-qualified teams using approved equipment and materials and established and certified procedures.

Site supervison by our qualified coatings engineers is backed up by S3C and manufacturer-approved technical support staff and certified coatings inspectors.


High Build Epoxy (HBE] Paints are two-component, two-coat wet paint systems that form hard and tough coatings with excellent abrasion and impact resistance and good adhesion properties. These coatings are resistant to sea water, diesel oil, splashes from petrol, jet fuel, lubricating oil, and related products. HBE has limited resistance to vegetable oils and strong solvents such as ketones and esters. Not recommended for acids, alkalis, or strong oxidizing solutions.


HBE is particularly suited to mild-to-severe corrosive environments. This system requires one-coat of high build epoxy primer and one-coat of high build epoxy topcoat to meet required performance. Proper drying should be observed between coats and allow seven days for the coating to fully cure. Like any epoxy coating, this system is not recommended for outdoor use when colour and gloss durability are required. In order to ensure good adhesion, it is crucial that HBE be applied only over properly prepared substrates. S3C can advise the best form of surface preparation for your particular application. HBE can be applied to aluminium, steel and galvanised substrates.