DURABOLT™ Coated Fasteners

The DURABOLT™ range of Corrosion Resistant, Clean Release fasteners has been specially developed for installation in particularly aggressive operating environments. DURABOLT™ incorporates a two stage Composite Fluoropolymer/Ceramic coating system. The basecoat applied DURABOLT™ utilizes an extremely hard ceramic matrix alloy know as Ceralume™, which provides exceptional corrosion and abrasion resistance to the fastener. The fluropolymer topcoat is designed to ensure that the threads remain permanently dry-lubricated, making torqueing up easier and preventing subsequent corrosion seizure.


Installation where fasteners are required to operate in extremely corrosive or humid conditions, such as those found in splash zone, sub sea zones, buried, under ground, sour services applications and areas where exposure to corrosive chemicals my be experienced. DURABOLT™ fasteners are particularly suitable for making up flanged pipe an valve connections as well as bolting together platforms, gantries and structural steelwork operating in corrosive environments.

The standard DURABOLT™ range of fasteners includes ASTM A193 Grade B7, B7M, L7, L7M Studbolts, Heavy Hexagon Bolts, Nuts and Washers in a complete range of Imperial or Metric diameter of any standard length. Other formats and specifications of fasteners can be supplied coated to DURABOLT™ specification upon request.