When it comes to the best in plastic lined pipework technology, look no further whan S3C. S3C’s Engineers are experienecd in corrosion protection and fluid handling and will not only provide design assistance but will also manufacture and install the correct protection to suit  your specific requirements. SeC’s hyperflon® Line Pipework system uses chemically inert PTFE andf PFA Fluoropolymer designed to safely handle most highly corrosive and hazardous fluids over a wide temperature range. S3C also has a range of Plastic Lined Pipework system that includes PVDF, PP and PE copolymers with stronger mechanical protection. S3C’s services include the correct selection of liner by careful evaluation of the client’s process parameters, perform site measurement, prepare isometric drawings, and then manufacture and install the pipework as per the approved drawing and/or specification

Flouroline : Plastic Lined Pipes & Fittings

The Fluoroline system is designed to safely handle, most highly corrosive and hazardous fluids over a wide temperature range.

Plastic materials have been used successfully to line and protect ferrous pipe work for over 40 years and have become an indispensable requirement of the chemical process industry. The use of an inert plastic liner within the metallic pipe work system offers the combination of corrosion resistance and mechanical strength which is unachievable with singular materials.


Chemical processing equipment, components or linings, high temperature cable insulation, molded electrical components, tape  and non-stick coatings etc.  Filled PTFE compounds are used as bushings, rider rings and seals in compressors, Hydraulic applications, automotive power steering and auto, transmissions, and as bearing pads for bridges, pipelines and high rise buildings. Non-sticks applications, include home cookware, tools, food processing equipment, and a wide variety of packaging & production line equipment parts that must be self lubricating and non-contaminating. 


Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene is a checmical inert to all chemicals and solvents with the exceptions of molten alkali metals and strong fluorine donors. PTFE has a general service temperature range of
-60 °C to +200 °C.


PerfluoroAlkoxy is a true melt fluoropolymer with chemical and thermal properties to match those of PTFE. It can be molded into complex forms making it ideal as a lining for fittings such as Tees.


Polyvinylidene Flouride - it is mechanically stronger than PTFE and PFA but is constrained by an upper temperature limit of around 140°C. It is resistant to a wide range of fluids and is particularly useful to handle the Halogens, Bromine, and Chlorine. It has excellent permeation resistance and resistance to nuclear radiation.


Polypropylene - Liners are produced from high heat stabilized copolymers offering good chemical resistance at temperatures up to 95°C used extensively for effluent disposal particularly acidic lines.

Quality Assurance

All lines pipes and fittings are manufactured from the highest grade material. They are tested according to ASTM F 1545 -97  for:

    • Lining thickness – non-destructive
    • Continuity – 20,000 volt non-destructive spark
    • Pressure – Hydrostatic to 250% maximum recommended working pressure.

All the Fluroline® pipes and fittings are manufactured under ISO 9000 quality system. The products are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures to match the most exacting requirements. The Fluroline® products fully conform to international standards. Special grades of polymers (like-anti-static) and special steel housing an be supplied on request. Fluroline® system can be designed to meet most specific requirements.

S3C’s services include selection of liner y evaluation of process parameters, perform site measurement, prepare isometric drawings, manufacture and install the pipe work as per the approved drawing. In addition to international references, Fluroline® has been supplied and installed in major refineries, petrochemical and power plants within Saudi Arabia.

They were chosen for their exceptional chemical resistance to most aggressive acids and alkalis, low permeability, easy maintenance, non-stick properties, etc. Fluroline® systems results in long term reliability.