PVC Coated Rigid Material Conduit is used for highly corrosive environments. The coating will provide corrosion protection and mechanical protection.


PVC Industrial Coating is a high quality resin coating system applied on a wide range of substrates: steel, aluminum and cast steel and galvanized steel. The coating offers sterling performance characteristic over a broad spectrum of applications including aesthetic as well as chemical. Applied over suitably prepared substrates, the coating demonstrates a tenacious bond allowing the substrates to be machined and post formed. Heavy film thickness are possible, up to 1mm. PVC coatings have excellent UV stability and are designed to protect metallic substrates exposed to extreme climatic conditions especially in hot & humid conditions. PVC resists air-borne pollutants and has an excellent resistance to many chemicals at room temperature. It provides excellent electrical insulations. PVC is available in a limited range of colors.

Typical applications have included protection of electrical conduits, electrical fittings, fence posts & accessories, galvanized cable tray and raceway, struts & hanging systems and structural steel sections. Its excellent wrap capabilities make it an ideal choice for applying over steel components where sharp edges and corners requires coverage.

PVC Coating For Fence Posts & Hardware

A high quality, thick film, PolyVinylChloride resin coating system designed for application to galvanized steel substrates. The applied coating incorporates a sophisticated pre-treatment process which s designed to provide to tenacious bond protecting the substrates from corrosion, at the same time providing aesthetic appeal. PVC coatings demonstrates excellent weathering resistance including good chalking resistance in exposed conditions.

For fence posts and hardware installed in humid and heavily salt laden, corrosive environments particularly coastal and exposed locations.