Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Industrial Coatings  – high quality resin coating system applied on a wide range of substance; steel aluminum and galvanized steel. These coating have excellent EV stability and resistance to air-borne pollutants and chemicals at room temperature. These are designed for extreme climatic exposures specially in wet and humid conditions and provide excellent electrical insulations. Recommended for coating of electrical conduit and fittings, fence posts, hardware and cable trays. Heavy coating film thicknesses are possible up to 1mm. 

PPA Industrial Coatings – high quality Polyolefin coating systems with a broad range of resins for different application criteria. Range includes decorative, chemical and special coating applications. Can be applied to ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.

Super Durable Architectural Polyester (SDAP) Coatings – for aluminum claddings, curtain walling, etc., is resistant to chalking, fading , UV. Used in less critical areas to PVDF. Meets AAMA 2604 Specification

Standard Polyester – for aluminum claddings, curtain walling, etc., is moderately resistant to chalking, fading, UV. Preferable for indoor use but can be used out of doors if required.


Duraline & Duracoat Coatings – are composite ceramic/fluoropolymer coatings with excellent corrosion-resistant characteristics and are ideally suited for extending the life of the material in harsh and hostile environments. Effective in the coating of fluid handling devices, valves, piping, shafts and threaded components where close tolerances and wear resistance are critical. 

Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF/PVF2) – the ultimate coating for aluminum claddings, curtain walling, etc., it is highly resistant to corrosion, chalking, salt spray, fading, high wind levels, ultra violet light and is easy to clean and maintain. Meets AAMA 2605-98 Specification. 

 High Build Epoxy (HBE) Paints – are two-coat wet paint systems that form hard and tough coatings with excellent abrasion and impact resistance, and good adhesion properties.  Can be applied to aluminum, steel and galvanized substrates. 

High Temperature Resistant Coatings  – are corrosion resistant industrial coatings that protect metal  surfaces  operating at continuous  temperatures from  500°F  (260 °C) to 1600 °F  ( 871 °C).  Can be used for a wide range of applications. 

Fire Retardant Coatings – Water-borne intumescent or enhance fire protection coatings for wood, fireboard, concreate, and steel.

High Build Epoxy/Polyurethane (HBE/PU) –  are two-coat wet paint systems that form hard and tough coating films with excellent abrasion, impact and UV resistance, good adhesion properties, and excellent gloss and color retention. Can be applied to aluminum, steel and galvanized substrates. 

Temperature Indicating Coatings  –  are  temperature  sensitive  coatings  that  indicate  a  pre-selected temperature has been reached or exceeded by the change in color.  Typical applications are refractors in the petrochemical industries, reactors, pressure vessels, heat sterilization, critical parts of electronic equipment, observation of oven temperatures, circuit breakers, etc. 

  Water-borne and Solvent-Free Protective Coatings  –  address  the  concerns  on  Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.  These materials are safe and environment friendly, offering outstanding corrosion protection and long-term maintenance-free coating durability.  An extensive range of coating systems are available for different industrial applications like automotive, passenger and freight transportation, electricity, oil & gas, petrochemical, water supply and sewage treatment, OEM finishing, and, bridge and structural steel works.  


   PVC Coated Electrical Conduits and Conduit Fittings  for  use  in  hazardous  and  non-hazardous environments conforming to National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) RN I and UL Specifications (S3C is the only fully approved producer of this range in the Middle East). 


PVC Coated Fence Posts and Accessories  to  AASHTO  M181  Specification,  used  where security systems are a pre-requisite for sensitive installations & for facilities such as tennis courts, to extend their life and improve aesthetics.   

DURABOLT Coated Fastener Systems  for  the  most  effective,  corrosion  resistant  and maintenance-free method of joining flanged pipes, fittings, building structures, gantries, platforms, etc. DURABOLT fasteners are designed to offer protection against the most severe corrosive environments, offshore, on-shore, sub-marine, sub-surface, extreme temperature, etc. The topcoat’s low-coefficient of friction and the corrosion resistance of the base coat ensures easy removal of fasteners and an increased life span, thus saving on expensive downtime and maintenance. The DURABOLT coating allows the use of standard steel bolts in environments where more costly and exotic materials would normally be specified.  

Different grades of DURABOLT can be supplied for diverse working temperatures, permitting operative temperatures from (–) 40° to 871° Celsius. 


Injection Molded Push-in Type 41 x 41 mm. End Caps for unistrut channels are made from high grade polypropylene resins that combine good process ability with very high impact and good stiffness. The caps can be produced in standard colors of Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, with customer’s company name (max. 6-7 letters) or logo, or just plain.

   PVC End Caps  for  channels,  cable  runways,  threaded  rods,  angle  bars  and  other  support systems that require safety features.  Made from high quality PVC material and can be made according to dimensional requirements.  


Custom Coating – S3C usually endeavors to supply its customers with finished products, however,  our expertise can also be used to apply a coating from a world-renowned supplier to the customer’s own product.  Our technical service facility is freely available for customers who seek advice on which type of coating to be used for a specific application.  Technical data sheets showing details of some of the coating materials applied by S3C are available for the customers’ ready reference. 

Corrosion Survey – Part of our service is to offer a full Corrosion Survey of our customers’  facilities, providing a fully documented report complete with appropriate coating recommendations. 

Site Application/Contracting  –  S3C  can  do  site  application  of  Tank  Coatings,  Sylgard  High Voltage Insulator Coatings, Fire Retardant Coatings and other types of coatings as per customers requirements.  The company has trained and skilled applicators, quality inspectors and supervisors along with necessary application and quality inspection equipment.  S3C is an approved applicator of leading international and local coating manufacturers.