We have completed applications of HVIC  over 410 projects in  Saudi Arabia, 31 projects in Qatar, 5 projects in Kuwait, 1 project in Oman, 11 projects in UAE, 4 projects in Bahrain, 3 projects in Turkey and 1 project in Pakistan. All the above projects covers 31,800+ long rod insulators, 

1,425,000+ disc insulator, 78+ complete new substation.


S3C can hold large inventories due to our ability to rotate material in projects which are continually ongoing. S3C can provide flexible turnkey pricing for application set up to suit the needs and budget of the customer. Whether that be  on-site using your facility or building our own, in-site at a completed site or at dedicated coating facility in Dammam.


S3C are the market leader in providing cost effective, reliable and a maintenance free solution for high voltage system. Our products and service enable us to provide professional and innovative solutions to energy sector companies where preventive maintenance is key.

S3C has a qualified project management team with trained and approved applicators, quality inspectors and project sites supervisors along  with all the necessary application and quality inspection equipment.

S3C has more than 20 year’s experience in the application of High Voltage Insulator Coatings having competed its first project 2000 at SEC, Shoaiba Power Plant. In 2008 S3C completed the world’s largest application of HVI on the GCCIA Transmission Grid linking Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE. To complete the project in the timescales required S3C had to established four coating facilities in three countries and operate them simultaneously. 

HVIC material is available from our stocks held in our warehouse in Dammam, 1st Industrial Saudi Arabia where it is stored in a temperature-controlled environment. We take care of the importation and duties and normally hold between 5 and 10 tons which is available to customers throughout the Middle East. The inventories and our bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the U.A.E allows us to mobilize quickly to all Middle East Countries.




Environmental contamination of outdoor porcelain and glass high voltage insuslators has long been a source of sevre arcing and flashover problems, which results in power outages and losses together with reduce reliability.


While numerous attemps with other protective methods have had their limitaions, there is a solutions that utility maintenance engineers can rely  on its High Voltage Insulator Coating.


A long history of successful performance in highly contaminated areas has proven that RTV silicone high voltage nsulator coatings provides superior arcing and flashover protection in the most hostile environments. It lasts longer than other coating and greases, providing significant savings in maintenance and replacement costs. One applications of HVIC generally leaves insulators virtually maintenance free for more than 10 years.

No water washing for long period of time.


To deliver the performance required by demanding maintenance engineers, HVIC was formulated and put to test globally by several major electrical utilities and many high voltage laboratories. It was found to resist corona, ultraviolet light, water erosions and the accumulation of air-borned particle contamination.

During the last 35 years, HVIC has demonstrated its superiority in providing long term, maintenance free, and flashover protection of high voltage insulators in polluted environments. The high performance of HVIC is a direct results of its weather resistance and electrical characteristics. 

  • Long-term water repellency/hydrophobicity. This is invaluable to high voltage applications because without it, contaminants on the surface of the insulators become wet and produce a conductive layer of ionized material.
  • The coated insulators remain unaffected by salt, airborne pollutants, rain, humidity, or ultraviolet light. HVIC does not degrade to conductive by-products when exposed to electrical discharge.

With HVIC, one applications does it all – for years, eliminating the need for repeated water washing or greasing and this results in significant savings in maintenance and replacement costs. Time and again HVIC has proven the long lasting, reliable and most economical solution.


A correctly specified and applied Insulator coating provides freedom from repetitive water washing for up to 20 years (depending on location) with the following benefits :-


The coating can also be

     ► water washed if required

     ► inspected to determine coating effectiveness

     ► over coated in the future (normally at much less than the original cost) to

     ► extent the life by another 10-15 years

No risk of:

►     insulator damage during repeated wash cycles

►     having to re-wash due to changing weather patterns

►     increased washing frequency as line ages

►     sandstorms removing the porcelain glaze

►     flashover:

         ♦     during live line washing

         ♦     on insulators missed during cleaning on

         ♦     insulators incorrectly cleaned

         ♦     from washing contractors using the wrong water quality

The coating

►     has no detrimental effect  on the insulator or its performance

►     increases the wet flashover voltage capability of the insulator and has been used to effectively increase the creepage distance.

►     may also reduce electricity losses through corrosion effect reduction

►     will minimize surface damage from electrical activity during extreme.

►     weather conditions

►     will not be damage by wind driven sand