Electroplated tin is widely used as a protective coating on ferrous and non ferrous metals. It is mainly used for electrical contacts and connectors, offering both a corrosion resitant layer with excellent electrical conductivity properties.

S3C is specialized in tinplating of aluminum and cooper bus bars professional done by our well experienced workers at our well-equipped Dammam factory.

S3C quality tinplating always meets customer requirements mainly listed as below:

1.        Increases solderability leading to higher protection against corrosion and abrasion.

2.      Due to tin good conductivity, it allows higher current to be carried.

Tin platin is an effective method of protecting base metals like iron or steel from rust and corrosion. The leading users of tin palting are divided between electronics, mechatronics, hardware fasteners, food equipment and, most recetly, solar. Here are few examples from each industry: terminals and housing used in avionics, circuit breakers and interconnects used in constructions of new homes and buildings, screws, nuts and bolts used on marine hardware in naval vessels, baking sheets and bowls used in manufacturing and home cookware, and now solar panels.

Benefits of Tin Plating

Tin has many strengths making it a desirable choice due to its corrosion protection:

• Fretting, which means surface to surface corrosion.

• Enviromental, which refers to sulfur bearing environments that cause tin to tarnish.

• Decent contact resistance and excellent solderability

• Flexibility to use matte tin plating to achieve a dull finish, or bright tin plating when a shinier finish is required.

• Potential for mirrors like aesthetic.

• No known toxicity to life on Earth